President’s Column:
Lauren Muhlheim, Psy.D.

This column marks one year since I became acting President of LACPA. When I accepted the position of President-Elect/President, it was with the dreaded knowledge that Carol, LACPA’s loyal steward of 31 years, would be retiring in the middle of my Presidential term. I am sad to say that by the time you read this, she will be officially retired.

At the March 2022 board meeting, Jaz Robbins, M.A., 2022 Convention Co-Chair and member of the Ad-Hoc Director Search committee, reminded those of us tasked with selecting the new director that we were not looking “to replace Carol—we’re looking for a candidate who can pick up where Carol has left off and take us to the next few stepping stones.”

This was a welcome reframing of the moment we faced: we were certainly not looking to replace Carol (trust me, we tried to get her to delay her retirement!).

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