Process for Los Angeles Psychologists to access the COVID-19 vaccination

David W. Hindman Ph.D.


I work for the L.A. County Dept. of Public Health (LAC-DPH) and am on the Board of Directors for the California Psychological Association. While I am not directly involved in LAC-DPH's COVID-19 vaccine distribution roll-out, my program has successfully advocated for and secured vaccinations for Behavioral Health providers in the Los Angeles County specialty SUD Network (including psychologists). As such, I am probably closer to this than most of our psychologist colleagues.

This message is being sent to provide guidance to psychologists who work in Los Angeles to access the COVID-19 vaccine. 


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Creating Connections and Building Bridges...
LACPA’s 2021 Presidential Theme

 Michael Fresé, Ph.D.



 My relationship with LACPA began at a chance encounter in 2010 at the Los Angeles Jewish Home. I was attending an annual symposium held there and was able to see Amy Rosett, Ph.D.’s presentation. After her two-hour talk, I introduced myself, and thus began my journey with LACPA. I will never forget Dr. Rosett saying “What do you mean, you’ve never heard of LACPA?!?!” I quickly learned about LACPA’s great networking and professional opportunities and began to get involved in a small way - attending a few special interest groups (SIGs) and Conventions. 


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