Convention Committee

Soni Monroe, Psy.D.
[email protected] 

Photo of Dr. Soni Kim Monroe Convention Chair

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The Convention Committee is responsible for all aspects of LACPA’s annual convention. Committee members, with the assistance of the LACPA administrative staff, consider the desirability of different sites at which to host the convention with respect to location, cost, and comfort; seek out and invite prominent contributors to the field of psychology to be keynote speakers; solicit and review all continuing education proposals to provide a varied and appealing convention day program, and plan networking opportunities at the convention.

Definite times to meet are right after Convention to debrief and brainstorm for next year's convention, January to set fees and deadlines, and in September to go over jobs that need to be fulfilled for the convention day and other details that arise.  Additional times can be useful.  The chair(s) sends out a reminder and draft agenda about a week before the meeting.

The chair(s) consults with committee members and office prior to submitting the budget proposal to the Finance Committee (March of each year). Periodic budget status can be requested from the office during the year.

Because Convention normally takes place in October, the year begins for the committee in November and desirable for the Chair(s) and the President-Elect to begin to work on getting a featured speaker well before November, so that the featured speaker for the next year can be announced at Convention.

Convention Committee is usually a small committee. It has been found to work best with eight to ten people, The President and President-Elect usually serve on the committee.