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Virtual Mirrors Artist Spotlight Talk
Sunday, September 04, 2022, 7:00 PM - 8:00 PM PST
Category: Committee Event

LACPA'S Arts, Creativity, and Culture Committee (ACCC) is proud to sponsor a series of Artist Spotlights where we invite artists from our community of artists from Mirrors of the Mind to give hour-long talks about their artistic process and their unique position as artists practicing in the field of mental health. (All events will take place online through Zoom meetings.) 
Our First Artist Spotlight in This Series: 

On September 4th, from 6-7 PM PST

Judy Todd will present


Since the American Psychological Association defined eco-anxiety 5 years ago, much research has been conducted and many articles have been written about it. Many people are experiencing anxiety, fear, depression, and grief as a result of human- induced climate change. Artists may create to express and deal with such feelings as a way for individual artists to cope with them.

More generally, is there a place for art as we face ecological catastrophe? There are several possible ways for environmental art to play a part in how we all respond to the profound changes in the world. Any type of art can provide a respite from eco- anxiety. Art about the environment may educate viewers, comfort viewers, counter feelings of isolation or helplessness, bear witness to each other’s grief, and encourage taking action to prevent further loss. Some would argue that environmental art should increase awareness and eco-anxiety, because psychological discomfort may be necessary to motivate enough of us to make the huge societal changes necessary to save the planet.

Examples of environmental art will be shown and discussed, including several paintings by Judy Todd. These works focus on different aspects of what art can do in the contexts of climate change and eco-anxiety.


About The Speaker:

Like many artists, Judy Todd began drawing and painting at a very early age, but she set art aside for career and motherhood until she retired as Professor of Psychology at California State University, Dominguez Hills, in 2004. Since then her paintings have won awards in local, national, and international art exhibits. She is a signature member of Watercolor West, and she has served as a juror, taught workshops, exhibited in local galleries, and appeared in art publications. As a painter, she mixes media, primarily with watercolor. Her current work deals with our environment, celebrating it while also fearing for its future.


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