Networking Committee  

Photo of Dr. Nazanin Moali Networking Chair

Networking Coordinator

Nazanin Moali, Ph.D.
(916) 220-4465
[email protected]


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The mission of the Networking Committee is to provide opportunities for LACPA members to network in both professional and social settings.

The goals of the Networking Committee are:
1) Provide opportunities for LACPA members to network in both formal and informal settings
2) Provide education about topics related to professional development
3) Allow LACPA to offer meetings in diverse geographical locations within Los Angeles County
4) Promote coordination with other professional groups; currently, this is done with the San Gabriel Valley Psychological Association (SGVPA).

We are in charge of:
**the Networking meetings at six locations, which are Downtown L.A., Encino, Pasadena, Santa Clarita, South Bay, and Westside. The Pasadena meeting is organized in conjunction with SGVPA.
**the activities of the three clubs: Book (meets in three locations: Encino, Santa Clarita, and Westside), Hiking, and Film.
**the social events every March and April where we open up some of LACPA' amazing networking events so non-members can get a taste of all of what LACPA has to offer.
**the annual Presidential Dinner and Presentation at the LACPA Office.
**the fun Game Night in Downtown in collaboration with the Membership Committee, which took place this past spring. It was a blast, so we plan on making this an annual event, rotating locations around town each year.